Sinless Eats - Celina Ticoll-Ramirez

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Sinless Eats™ brings together Celina Ticoll-Ramirez’s passions for health and fitness and allows her to share these passions with a larger audience. Through Sinless Eats™ she aims to prove that health and taste should coincide and that sinless eating can still be delicious eating that packs a powerful punch.

Celina Ticoll-Ramirez is a sophomore at Duke University. She has a passion for health and fitness. Whether at school or home in New York, she can typically be found in the kitchen creating new healthy recipes for meals, baked goods and snacks. After graduation, she hopes to channel these passions and bring them together to ideally develop her own business centered on nutritional yet delicious eating and maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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